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Sports and Recreation 


Summer and winter, day and night, there is no shortage of sports and leisure activities !!    

The Sports and Recreation Department, in collaboration with these many local organizations, makes sure to offer all its citizens recreational facilities, programs and activities or events that allow them to fully participate in community life and sports.

Sport facilities 

Arena (Leisure Palace)
506 284-2276
506 284-2019 (Canteen)
506 284-2160 (municipal office)
6 School Street /  Kedgwick,

Consult the schedule 

Arena photo gallery - Press the left or right arrows to scroll through the photos.

Multifunctional Center
506 284-2160
6 School Street /  Kedgwick, NB 
Consult the schedule 

Sports parks

Outdoor gym
Kedgwick rest area
Kedgwick, NB E8B 1H8
506 284-2160 

Softball field  

Tennis court  

Soccer field  

Volleyball court  

Athletics track

506 284-2160

506 284-0806

6, rue de l'École / K edgwick, NB 

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