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In case of a storm… are you ready to face the next 72 hours?

What your municipality can do for you:

When an event such as a power outage occurs, most people are doing well, some have generators and wood stove and stock up on supplies.  But some others do not have this possibility or are not prepared.


“Are you ready??” We have to prepare for this kind of situation. The Provincial Emergency Measures Organization (EMONB) has prepared a document to inform you how to prepare and to deal with the first 72 hours of an event in order to keep your family safe. This document can be downloaded from the province's website:  or on this page by clicking on the pamphlet. The booklet contains all the relevant information concerning the ''before'', ''during'' and ''after'' an emergency situation and a lot of additional information.


In case of power outage in the community, the municipality has generators to continue to provide drinking water to residents and a place to take refuge when the lack of electricity exceeds 4 hours, especially in winter, but also in the summer in very hot weather.


What you need to do:


  1. Reach out to your loved ones and inquire about their well-being. (Heating, food, comfort, medication, etc.)

  2. If after 4 hours of power outage you are unable to meet the essential needs for yourself and / or your family, contact the municipality office by dialing (506) 284-2160 or the General director at :(506) 284-0806. If you can't reach either, go to the municipality office, someone will direct you to an assigned shelter.

What your municipality can do for you after 4 hours of power service interruption :


  1. Provide a heated place with stove and refrigerator.  You may bring your meals that you can prepare yourself.  These places are equipped with generators and are located at the Fire Brigade at 114 rue Notre-Dame and/or the Citizens' Hall; 4 St-Jean Street, depending on the needs. Go to the municipality office, we will direct you. Or, if in doubt about where you need to go, call the General Manager at (506) 284-2160 or at (506) 284-0806. 

  2. If you have no way to get around, someone will pick you up.

  3. Often, telephones and/or cell phones and even the internet do not always work during an event, that is when our firefighters will walk the streets and knock on the doors of the most vulnerable citizens. If you are in trouble, when the firefighters pass by your house, get out of the house and give them a sign.

  4. But don't forget! In case of extreme emergency, call 911!


The best solution is to always be prepared, and we advise everyone to put into practice all the good advices listed in the booklet ''Are you ready? 72 hrs''.

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For more information on emergency measures in the province, visit the Emergency Measures Organization website at: 
or by calling 1-800-561-4034

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