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City Council Members

Éric Gagnon Maire.jpg

The mayor is in charge of:

  • Urban planning committee

  • Restigouche Regional Service Commission

  • Charlo Airport

  • Solid waste and recycling

  • Solid waste landfills

  • Public relations

Eric Gagnon

The deputy mayor is in chage of:

  • RCMP

  • Fire Brigade

  • Emergency measures

  • Natural resources

  • Fisheries and Oceans (Federal)

Cédric Léonard Conseiller-25.jpg
Denis Couturier Advisor.jpg

Mr. Couturier is in charge of:

  • Arena

  • Citizen Hall

  • Multifunctional Center

  • Sports grounds

  • Other cultural services

  • Camp Canak

Cedric Leonard
Deputy Mayor

Denis Couturier

Ms. Fournier is in charge of:

  • Municipal embellishment

  • Tourism

  • Unsightly and dangerous places

  • Park maintenance & Rest area

Huguette Fournier - Advisor-25.jpg

Huguette Fournier

Steeve Savoie Advisor-25.jpg

Mr. Savoie is in charge of:

  • Public works

  • Street maintenance winter – summer

  • Street paving

  • Street lighting

  • Salaries and expenses of councilors and mayors

  • Municipal building maintenance

  • Family Resource Center

  • Literacy

  • finance

  • ZAK (Kedgwick Business Area) / economic development

Steeve Savoie

Mr. Deschênes-Thériault is in charge of:

  • Library

  • Relations with community organizations

  • Newcomers

  • Kedgwick Strategic Developments

Guillaume Deschênes-Thériault.jpg

Guillaume Deschêne-Thériault

Jean-Baptiste Thériault.jpg

Mr. Thériault is in charge of:

  • All files relating to the Water / Sewer department


Jean-Baptiste Thériault

Burt Paulin.png

Mr. Paulin manages the files:

  • Charlo Airport

  • All files relating to communities added to the CRK including: Whites Brook, St-Jean-Baptiste, Menneval, Adams Gulch and Glenwood

Burt Paulin
Concilor Zone 5

Municipal Council


From left to right :  Guillaume Deschênes -Thériault ; Jean-Baptiste Thériault; Denis Couturier ; Éric Gagnon - Mayor; Huguette Fournier; Steve Savoie ; Cédric Léonard - Deputy Mayor.

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