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Policy privacy


Log files and cookies

We collect certain information through log files and cookies. This mainly concerns the following information:

  • IP adress

  • Operating system

  • Pages visited and requests

  • Time and day of connection


The use of such files allows us:

  • Improved service and personalized welcome

  • Statistical



The personal information we collect is kept in a secure environment. People working for us are required to respect the confidentiality of your information.
To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following measures:

  • Access management - authorized person

  • Access management - data subject

  • Network monitoring software

  • Computer backup

  • Digital certificate development

  • Login password

  • Firewalls

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, as no mechanism offers maximum security, there is always some risk involved when using the Internet to transmit personal information.



We are committed to respecting the legislative provisions set out in: 
privacy law

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